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Through technology, we provide solutions that help entrepreneurs increase their sales and productivity, becoming more effective.

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Being there for you since day one

Our most valuable asset is being a customer centered company. Since day one, we have built our operation focusing on a human customer service, including a team of payment specialists to help you drive your business growth.

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A brief timeline of our history



Stone Co. (STNE) listed on NASDAQ.


Elavon is acquired

By acquiring and integrating the Brazilian operation of Elavon, Stone significantly adds market share and becomes the 4th largest player on the market.


Equals added to the portfolio

Stone Co. expands its reach and invests in Equals, the biggest account reconciliation company in the Brazilian market.


Stone starts operating

After 2 years structuring its business, Stone starts operating in the payments market.

2013 joined us

Arpex invests and brings, a fintech focused on small businesses and startups, into the group’s ecosystem.


Stone and Mundipagg are born

After helping to disrupt the card market monopoly, Stone is created. 2012 was also the year Mundipagg, focusing on intelligent payment management & solutions, was founded.

3,000 + employees
Offices throughout Brazil
6 years transforming the market

A brand-new customer service concept in Brazil

Through a humanized customer-oriented approach, our highly trained and specialized team is not only committed to solving your problems, but also providing you with the best customer service experience in Brazil.

To sustain this fundamental pillar of our company, we set up multiple offices in strategic locations across Brazil. Being closer to our clients allows us to better service their needs and deliver efficient solutions.

One ecosystem, multiple solutions

As a technology company, we develop solutions to make an entrepreneur’s life easier. Either you wish to receive payments by multiple means, simply manage your business, or easily integrate with other tools and platforms. We are prepared to help you.

We have a robust, modular platform based on APIs, speeding up the development of new features and providing easy maintenance and great processing power. All designed to achieve the best performance possible.


Stone is a company that services its customers through payment and management tools, flexible financial products, with no bureaucracy and close and efficient service, enabling them to be more autonomous and increasingly more independent.

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  • POS Solution
  • Omnichannel Acquiring
  • API Integrations is a PSP solution with a quick and simple API integration, providing everything a merchant needs to start selling online. It enables merchants to accept multiple payment methods, such as credit card and boletos, providing an all - in - one experience to the customer.

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  • Checkout
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Split Payment


Mundipagg is a full-featured e-commerce gateway that, through one integration, connects e-commerce businesses to the acquirers of their choice. This enables them to accept a wide variety of payment options and use multiple functionalities focused on improvising merchant conversion rates.

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  • Automated Retrial
  • Recurring Billing
  • Multi Payment Methods
  • One-click buy
  • Wallet


Equals is a company that offers reconciliation service for customers with different acquirers (payment terminals and gateways). Equals gathers the sales from all payment methods in a single platform.

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  • Sales reconciliation
  • Fee audit
  • Multi acquirer integration
  • Analytics


Cappta is a company specialized in electronic means of payment TEF, which equips its customers completely, enabling them to accept different brands, issue tax receipts, integrate with their own commercial automation and manage sales, even for high sales volume businesses.

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  • TEF solution
  • Multi acquirer
  • Invoice issuance

Our greatest investment

In order to really transform the market, we need to start from the basis: education. Our initiatives seek to foster younger generations into reaching their maximum potential through knowledge.

Alpha Lumen Institute

An Elementary and High School institution attended by highly skilled students. Alpha Lumen’s mission is to prepare younger generations to be transformative leaders. These students typically enter the best universities in Brazil and worldwide.

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Fundação Estudar

A non-profit organization, whose purpose is to disseminate its culture of excellence and to help undergraduates and recent graduates to take their studies and career further.

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A distinguished non-profit higher education and research institution. Insper is focuses on Business, Economics, Law, and Engineering majors.

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We are always seeking the restless and the outstanding ones.

Come join us in the journey to build our dream.

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