Turning potential into power

Our purpose is clear: changing the way the payment system works. To do so, we work hard to provide an equal playing field for entrepreneurs.

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Our culture & pillars

  • The client!

The customer is the reason

  • Candor
  • Protagonism
  • Integrity

We don’t have space for vanity here! Don’t let the bureaucracy get in the way of your results

  • Coordination
  • Obsession with results
  • Succession

If you want to go fast, you can go alone. However, if you want to go further, you must work in a team

  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Authenticity
  • Take a chance

Daily creating a new self!

  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Meritocracy
  • Intelligence

This is not an ordinary job! You are the owner.

Searching for the restless and outstanding ones

To work here is to be assured that you will be recognized by your results, determination and willingness to make the difference. We look for people with three fundamental features: energy, integrity and intelligence. Through them, you create a mark on something that represents a change in the payment market and in the life of the Brazilian entrepreneur.

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Are you ready to go beyond limits?

Recruta Stone is not an ordinary selective process. No wonder that we are known for stretching people beyond their limits. We want you to find out what you can and should do to reach your full potential in this program. Only the strongest ones survive our challenges. We hope you could be one of them, changing the trajectory of the companies. First, we want to change yours.

Become a Recruta

Knowing how to allocate strengths, understanding that effort without result is meaningless.


It is not enough to know how to get there, you must want to achieve it, and no one can do it for you.


Evolution doesn’t come without integrity. Integrity is not only what you say. It is what you do.


What makes you unique? Some qualities can only be increased if they already exist within you.

Rolling stones grow no moss

In order to change the payment market, we must start from the beginning. For us the best way to stretch people is encouraging them to always study. Therefore, we've created a library with essential contents for us

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We are assembled as teams, not by areas or departments

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