Our greatest investment

We believe that the best way to change and develop the future is investing in education. Brazil is a large country, with talents everywhere. Therefore, our initiatives create opportunities for these talents to achieve their maximum potential.

What is it?

An elementary and high school institution joined only by highly skilled students. Alpha Lumen’s mission is to prepare younger generations to be transformative leaders. These students typically enter the best universities in Brazil and worldwide.

Each student is supported by a tutor (a more experienced student), who already understands the institute’s beliefs. The students, known as Alphas, attend English classes, in addition to optional languages (Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German), learn Robotics, Programming, Judo, Yoga, Theater classes, and much more.

Why do we invest?

Our investments are in synergy with our values. We, just as Alpha, believe that only the best people can enable the change in the World. Through education, these students can become transformation agents – in their homes, at their companies, and in the society as a whole.

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Fundação Estudar

Created in 1991, Fundação Estudar is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to disseminate its culture of excellence and to help undergraduates and recent graduates take their studies and career further, by creating a community of leaders, stimulating the academic experience abroad and supporting them to make professional choices.

Stone is one of the main maintaining entities with:

  • Scholarship financing
  • Content support
  • Financial contribution
  • Proximity and contracting
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A distinguished non-profit higher education and research institution, Insper is a market benchmark in the Business, Economics, Law, and Engineering fields.

Stone is a strong partner with:

  • Course development;
  • Scholarship financing;
  • Financial contribution.
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